Original artwork capturing the beauty of nature 

Hi and thank you for checking out my online website gallery.  All of my pastel paintings are unique, one- of- a -kind and affordable.  I donate all proceeds to charity, changing the charities every month or so.  This is my way of paying it forward and  giving back while also giving you, my audience, the opportunity to look at my work, buy a piece if you're moved by it or consider buying a piece to give away to someone who would love being the custodian of it. I hope you enjoy viewing these as much as I enjoy painting them.  

I love the process of creating art and I've always been fascinated by how artists, whether they are painters, musicians, writers or anyone who uses their creative side to create 'art,' work through their creative process. I'm fascinated that the process of creating art is different for every artist, regardless of their medium.  

My process for painting with pastels looks like this:  I start with music, which has always inspired me.  My musical tastes are wide and varied, everything from  Classic Rock to Classic Sinatra, from  Jazz and Blues to Funk and Gospel.  After cranking up the tunes, I then select a photograph I've taken or I may use one that someone else has taken but that I feel compelled to paint. I create a rough sketch of the painting using paper with a grid so that I can achieve the correct perspective as well as a compelling composition.  I sometimes choose a few colors in light, medium and darker values which I work with initially but other times I just wing it and choose colors as I'm in the process of painting. I then draw my sketch again, this time on a  fairly gritty piece of pastel paper.  I then lay down my first layer of color and use alcohol to set the color in place.  Once the alcohol dries, I add layer upon layer of color, sometimes blending with my fingers or different brushes, sometimes not blending at all.  Once the painting feels finished, it's done.  I really just go with my gut on when a painting is completed. 
My paintings reflect the things that I am drawn to and I am heavily influenced by nature:  ocean, sky, forests, marshes, and meadows.  I'm also inspired by cities and architecture.  For me, the most fasicinating 'accident' of painting is that I now see the world in an entirely new light, literally.  I see light and shadows everywhere I look and I see color very differently.  Who knew there were so many shades of green in a meadow or a forest?  I'm  constantly asking myself how it is that I've never really noticed the shadows cast by a tree at 2:00 pm or the way the shadows change the color of snow or sand or grass.  It wasn't until I started painting with pastels that my awareness of light and shadows became so pronounced for me.  I'm still mesmerized by the the way the light strikes a wave or the branch of a tree or how light and shadow change the color of snow.  This perspective has helped me to see everything around me in a totally new light (pun intended!) and I now have a much deeper appreciation for colors, light and shadow which I love to reflect in my paintings.  When I'm not painting, my other love is traveling with my family and friends.  This is a great way for me to experience other cultures while also gathering source material for future paintings.  

I hope these paintings on the next pages resonate with you.  If you are interested in purchasing any paintings, please send me an email to carpedina@gmail.com.   If you would like to talk about commissioning a piece, let me know. Thank you again for viewing my gallery!


You can also contact me at 617 686 2744.  I  paint commissioned work as well so if you have a favorite photograph you would like me to paint, give me a call or send me an email to discuss further. If you are interested in learning more about any of these paintings, including prices, please contact me. Also, any paintings that are sold or aren't the right size can be recreated!